Thanks Giving

Loving: A bunch of Kiwis doing Thanks Giving USA

With our NZ neighbours visiting us in our temporary home in the USA we had the perfect reason to celebrate and feast. So we spent a relaxed day at home, preparing the table, for a Thanks Giving feast. Young Miss 3 delighted in sticking cloves into oranges, Miss 10 made up some name-places for the table and we threw on our New Zealand ‘Pohutukawa’ table cloth for a touch of ‘Kiwiana’.

Thanks Giving table

The man of the house was the ‘Master Chef’ and cooked up a delightful feast. We all sat down and toasted to friendship, feeling very thankful for the opportunity to be together and share a meal.


In between the feasting there was the New York ‘Thanks Giving Parade’ screening on television in the morning and college American football in the afternoon, whilst the turkey was cooking. The children played in the pool and around the house, working up a good appetite for dinner!

And of course, we had to try a ‘pumpkin pie’ – which was actually delicious, served with ice-cream and cream. Yum!

A really lovely day, made special shared with friends and definitely a tradition to transport back to New Zealand with us – but as more of a ‘Harvest Festival’ celebration at the end of Autumn in New Zealand.

Loved it! Happy Thanks Giving!

The Photo Gallery: November

When I read the challenge for this week’s ‘Photo Gallery’ at ‘Sticky Fingers’ blog I was stumped – one photograph for the month of November! How could I possibly sum up a month in one photograph? Then I had my light-bulb moment. This year we are in the USA for November and our contribution to ‘Thanks Giving’ has been making a decorative leaf wreath for our front door. I asked the girls what they were thankful for and then wrote their answers on the leaves.

It’s been a very exciting month, counting down the days till our New Zealand neighbours flew over to see us and holiday in Disneyland California. This photograph, of our wreath, probably sums up enough. We returned from Disneyland last night and our New Zealand friends are with us for another week, before flying home. It’s so great for me to hear the house full of children playing and having my husband home from work for the week. This is my November! Very thankful indeed.

Thankful for



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