Country Kids | Active snapshots from our week

Sharing some active snapshots from the past week of my three active daughters…

Swinging in the garden under a shady tree, with friendly lizards and birds for company –

Swinging in the garden

Climbing at the playground, with the agility of monkeys, the enthusiasm of bees chasing pollen, and the confidence of feeling comfortable in their own bodies –

Climbing at the playground

Active in the home, just as much as outdoors, even baking in the kitchen is interspersed with some door frame exercise!

Activity in the kitchen

Doing yoga in the garage, a full Mum and daughter activity!

Yoga time!

And even eating ice-creams they prefer to balance on a wall than sit on a seat!

Icecreams in the sun

Hope you’ve had a lovely week of active fun and enjoy a wonderful Easter. We are heading off to Santa Monica to celebrate Easter and my 40th Birthday! Going to have some active fun at the fairground on the pier! xx

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The Photo Gallery | Play


They play so easily, these two friends.
Ideas roll, with fluid simplicity.
They talk in a language of their own.
Perfectly balanced, like a well crafted bridge.

Let’s hope the ocean, that now divides them –
Is to them but a stream, to step over.
In their imaginations, they can be –
Free to fly, to jump, to stay connected.

Young friendships like this are such a gift –
When play comes, with such cooperative ease.

They will carry memories of their play,
deep in their hearts and minds –
Until they are united, some other day.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery