Things I’m Loving

Had a beautiful week with my daughters and escaping out for runs. The clocks have swung into spring time in the northern hemisphere and having an extra hour of daylight in the evening makes a huge difference to our available ‘play time’.

Sharing here a few loves from my week…

❤ Hanging out in the garden with Miss 4, making a lei with freshly picked flowers ❤

Lei making

❤ Beautiful scenery on my runs ❤

Friday night's run

❤ Seeing dolphins alongside a paddle boarder at Butterfly Beach on Friday evening (a perfect ending to my longest run yet!) ❤

Paddle boarder and dolphins at Butterfly Beach

❤ Cooling down at the end of a run with a splash in the surf and some yoga stretches with little Miss 4 ❤

Warrior pose with Miss 4 at Butterfly Beach

❤ Meeting up with hubbie and friends on Thursday evening at the beautiful Goleta Beach Park, fitting in a beautiful cliff top run, and then heading out for pizza and beer. ❤

Goleta Beach Park

❤ Sunsets, good health, happy family and the time to run ❤

Monday night's run

❤ The little things and how much they hold such fascination for our youngest daughter ❤

A moth rescued from the pool

❤ Sisterly love ❤

Creativity and sisterhood

❤ The reopening of a much loved playground on Tuesday evening, where hubbie took the girls for a play, whilst I ran and then met up with them after ❤

Ship wreck playground Tuesday night's run

❤ Loom Love continues for Miss 10, as well as countless other crafty ideas ❤

Loom Love

❤ Miss 4 adds to her drawing book ❤

Miss 4 drawing

❤ Miss 8 loves making hand-stitched clothes for her dolls, bookmarks and little hand-stitched bags ❤

Learning to hand stitch, making dolls clothes and bookmarks

❤ Miss 4 celebrates a new outfit by sneaking into the shop window, standing stock still, and surprising passers by, who stopped to take a photograph, or ‘jumped’ in shock! ❤

Little model!

❤ Saturday morning breakfast in the lovely La Arcada, Santa Barbara, with my family ❤

Breakfast in La Aracada, Santa Barbara

❤ Sharing the love and linking up with my Wellington, New Zealand, friend, Meghan – who has posted up a great collection of ‘loves’ this week ❤

Things I’m Loving on the crazy home front

Being away in the UK for five nights, without my children, was a genuine, much needed break. Parenting 24/7 and home educating three active, bright and full on girls, in another country to their home, is exhausting and, as much as I love them and sharing so much amazing time with them, I totally needed a ‘mental health’ break 😉

The week before I went away my camera came out a lot more than usual. I wanted to capture slices of every day life with my daughters, to take stock of those special moments and cherish them.

So, here are a few moments I loved in that week…

  • Finger painting with Miss 3 and capturing the thrill and delight as she really let herself go and explore the texture of the paint on her hands and the way it spread on the paper –
Finger painting LOVE!
  • Creative inventions with some connecting rods
Creativity with connecting rods!
  • Dive bombing in the swimming pool –
Dive bomb!
  • Chilled out story time and naps with Miss 3 –
Nap time
  • Drinking white wine in the afternoon, as I had no where to drive (and I like to pretend I’m at a wine festival in Marlborough, New Zealand, from time to time – parenthood demands a strong imagination and lots of creativity!).
Story time and wine!
  • And these chocolates…. that ALL the family are devouring and loving!

And after my amazing trip away (Part 1 here), they welcomed me home with a fabulous greeting (young Miss 3 even had ‘Welcome Home Mum’ written on her face with face-paints, courtesy of Miss 8!)!

Welcome home greeting!



Joining in with Things I’m Loving…

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life,
there is always something you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.