Day: August 22, 2014

Heading back to the land of the long white cloud!

We’re packing up. Boxes are everywhere. In six weeks time we will land back in New Zealand, just in time for Daylight Savings to start!

It’s been quite a year of travel and adventure living in Santa Barbara, California, but we are now looking forward to getting back to our home in New Zealand.

Our oldest daughter can’t wait to rejoin her friends at school, our middle daughter (who has been learning at home till now) is keen to start school at the beginning of 2015 and our youngest daughter (4) will probably continue to enjoy natural learning for a while.

Hubby is saying goodbye to the big corporate scene in the USA and looking forward to returning to the hub of technology in Wellington.

I’ll be blogging back at Catching The Magic – from now on. See you there!