My view right now (running in Copenhagen)

There’s nothing like a run in a new place to put an extra zest in the legs. Having a couple of weeks in Copenhagen, accompanying my husband on a business trip – but with three children in tow – has meant day time activities focused on keeping the young ones happy and entertained. Ever since we landed in Copenhagen (and after the jet-lag of travelling from the USA had passed) my legs have been pumped to get out on a pace of their own; independent of my beloved chick-a-dees.

When the opportunity presented itself I was out the door without a glance back. It was Saturday morning, 7am, when I hit the pathway alongside a picturesque waterway, known as Peblinge Sø (The Lakes, Copenhagen).

The Lakes, Copenhagen

My energy levels were so high with freedom and my legs fizzing to take me on an adventure to explore new sights. My view as I ran was all new to my eyes. Everything caught my attention and there’s nothing like running a route for the first time, not knowing what’s going to be around the next bend, to make a person want to keep on running!

My view was filled with large sweeping vistas as the three artificial lakes, divided into five basins, presented themselves in turn.

There were natural islands along the lakes, home to beautiful bird life.

Close to the pathway a mother swan slept, with one eye partially awake to watch over her baby cygnets. Whilst pedalo boats also took the form of the swans that grace the lakes.

The bridges that divided the individual basins were picturesque and led my eyes on down avenues of roads, that given more time (water and energy!) I would have continued to explore).

Residential areas bordering the waterways captured my attention as they came into view.

It was an absolute delight and I shall definitely be out running again before I leave beautiful Copenhagen.

Information on running in Copenhagen

Copenhagen running routes, including the Copenhagen Lakes.

Running Tours Copenhagen – Check out this company that provide various running tours of the city, from 6km to 15km.

Life and light at Søndermarken – Denmark’s first and only interactive running route consists of a system of lights on the fringe of Søndermarken, firmly resolved to pace runners to keep up their self-imposed pace, chosen at one of two start-stanchions.


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  1. I recognised this as being Copenhagen, right from the top photo. I have a friend who lives there so regularly see her pics on FB. Such a stunning place and what a place to run! Gorgeous vistas.

    1. I’m so loving it! So friendly, beautiful and so much to see and do in a place so pedestrian friendly. It’s been so, so many years since I’ve visited mainland Europe too – and after years of living in the Antipodes (and the past year in the USA) I was well over-due an architectural, cultural and historical fix!

    1. I’m hungry to see so much more of mainland Europe, but after this we have a quick visit to see family in England, back to the USA for a couple of months and then back to NZ for the foreseeable future. I just hope I can schedule in more European trips in future years to give me the ‘fix’ I need of history, culture, languages and architecture! 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma! It’s a lucky opportunity, as hubby had work here. We tied in his business with a visit to the UK to see our family – before we fly ‘home’ to NZ in October. It’s been a mad year of travel, but well worth it. I just wish I could spend more time exploring more of Europe – I do miss it terribly when I’m in New Zealand – as beautiful as it is there too 🙂

    1. We have been exceptionally fortunate with very warm weather – much warmer than the averages. I think we must have brought the weather over from southern California on the plane with us!

  2. It looks absolutely stunning! I’ve never been to Copenhagen, but it’s somewhere I’d like to go to. I’m a bit weird in that I like running in the same places, whenever I go anywhere different I struggle with my running!

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