Prose for Thought & Writer’s Workshop | Something new I’m loving: I’m becoming a runner

There’s running gear going through the wash every day,
I’ll skip a latte for a smoothie or water.
The wine in the fridge is staying put longer,
When I sleep, it’s with complete mind-body exhaustion.

Goleta cliff top UCSB

I do stretches at random moments in the day,
and play my children at tag with greater guile.
I greet my running shoes with a welcome smile,
and head out the door without hesitation.

Stretching out on Butterfly Beach

On strong days I pump my arms like pistons,
powering my legs as I stride out thinking,
‘I am really feeling like a runner!’

There are other days when I feel weaker,
When my throat dries with thirst at every mile,
and my tongue licks salty lips in need of a drink.
The air I breath in is hot and suffocating,
as I learn to run, where the temperatures are hot,
the sun relentless, the shade hard to find.

Cliff top above Butterfly Beach

My muscles are still getting stronger,
new yet to running and easily tender.
I hold back from over doing it –
my training schedule keeping me straight.
So tempted to run and run on those strong days –
but the risk of injury could lay me up for weeks.


I’m learning as I go, loving the freedom of being out in the open, running, just like I was born to do.

© Sarah Lee, March 2014


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  1. Ha! I just mentioned that I’ve taken up running recently in my own blog, so this was a very timely post!

    I used to think the phrase ‘fun run’ an oxymoron, but since getting into it I’ve remembered how I used to run EVERYWHERE as a child and quite a bit in my mid-late teens too. It’s taken me far too long to rediscover the simple pleasure of a good run.

    While I can appreciate your comments about running in high temperatures there’s not been much of that of late in the UK… Running’s sometimes been a very soggy experience, and while tees with excellent ‘wicking’ properties are mostly a godsend they can be a bit harsh on the nipples when it’s hissing down! Very best with that half marathon – I’m not quite there yet, but not doing too badly for an old fart! (Prose4T)

  2. I wish I loved to run. It sounds so invigorating and wonderful…if I could only motivate myself!

  3. I love this post from you lovely. I have just started a regular fitness routine and I LOVE it 🙂 I wish we had the weather you do – although it is always fine on the Wii Fit! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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