Things I’m Loving on the crazy home front

Being away in the UK for five nights, without my children, was a genuine, much needed break. Parenting 24/7 and home educating three active, bright and full on girls, in another country to their home, is exhausting and, as much as I love them and sharing so much amazing time with them, I totally needed a ‘mental health’ break 😉

The week before I went away my camera came out a lot more than usual. I wanted to capture slices of every day life with my daughters, to take stock of those special moments and cherish them.

So, here are a few moments I loved in that week…

  • Finger painting with Miss 3 and capturing the thrill and delight as she really let herself go and explore the texture of the paint on her hands and the way it spread on the paper –
Finger painting LOVE!
  • Creative inventions with some connecting rods
Creativity with connecting rods!
  • Dive bombing in the swimming pool –
Dive bomb!
  • Chilled out story time and naps with Miss 3 –
Nap time
  • Drinking white wine in the afternoon, as I had no where to drive (and I like to pretend I’m at a wine festival in Marlborough, New Zealand, from time to time – parenthood demands a strong imagination and lots of creativity!).
Story time and wine!
  • And these chocolates…. that ALL the family are devouring and loving!

And after my amazing trip away (Part 1 here), they welcomed me home with a fabulous greeting (young Miss 3 even had ‘Welcome Home Mum’ written on her face with face-paints, courtesy of Miss 8!)!

Welcome home greeting!



Joining in with Things I’m Loving…

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life,
there is always something you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.



  1. I love that photo of you all back together again – the joy is palpable on your faces! And I love how much creative stuff you get up to at home with the girls – you are definitely more patient with ‘creative mess’ than I think I would be! So pleased you had such a wonderful time away – hopefully just the tonic to set you up for the year ahead xx

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