Lost my happy place. Seeking energy to find it!

I’ve lost my happy place.
The light outside is bright, but muffled through my eyes.
If I could be alone, I would just curl up & not worry,
But my ever present children make such thoughts pitiful & guilt fuelled.
I have dreams of crawling away (no strength to run), to no where in particular,
I feel like crying every moment of every day.
I bite my lip, blink back the tears, try to smile and respond,
But I’m trapped in a circle of fog.
If I could give myself a shake, like a dust covered rug –
I would beat out the dirt and hang myself in the sun to air.
But tired,  numb & lifeless, it’s easier to close my eyes on it all.

© Sarah Lee, Dec. 2013


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  1. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    Hoping the next few months get easier and easier; I can’t imagine how difficult it is having all the children home all the time (even though it is the best decision for them, it doesn’t always make it the easiest one on Mama).

    Just letting you know you’re in my thoughts…

  2. Beautiful poem Sarah; such feelings need expression. Trust it was as cathartic for you to write as it was for us to read. With you in spirit every step of the way, as I’m sure you know all your family and friends are.

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