Prose for Thought – Rain in the Black of Night

It’s been months since we’ve had consistent rain in Santa Barbara, Southern California. As much as I adore the sunshine, I do miss the ever-changing weather of our home in Wellington, New Zealand. Last night, and this evening, we’ve had proper rain – that lasts for more than an hour and leaves real puddles behind!

I thought the rain was definitely deserving of a little poem 🙂

Rain in the Black of Night


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  1. You managed to make rain sound quite appealing to me and I live in Scotland where it rains all the bloody time so that is quite an achievement!

    1. Ha, ha, thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment 😉 It has been a very long time without it for us and we are more used to it in Wellington, New Zealand, so it’s been a strange four months of ‘blue sky and sunshine’ every day – I know some folk wouldn’t get bored of that – but I love the ‘wild’ elements a little too much!

  2. As a child, I remember finding proper pounding rain quite exciting. You’ve reminded me of that and about how wonderful rain can be. I love the verse that begins “I sat in the still warm autumn night” very evocative – I was almost there with you!

  3. We spend a lot of our time dissing the rain in the UK, but it can be fantastic stuff too… The sight (and relief!) of a HUGE electrical storm after days and days of increasingly charged and oppressive heat is marvelous, especially if you’re tucked up warm and safe indoors and watching through a window. Lovely poem. #Prose4T

  4. This is lovely – the rain can be such a relief after a hot dry spell. I love the heavy persistant drum of it at night. Luckily on the west coast of scotland I get to listen to that on a regular basis… x

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