The Sea Princess & the Pebble Shell Castle

The winding steps, walled with pebbles and shells,
whispered to the Sea Princess on the beach.
The beach castle needed her help.

She peered through the gaps in the pebbled walls,
careful of the witch, who could turn her to stone.

Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara

The castle walls spoke to her, telling the Sea Princess to seek out a magic amulet,
with which she could talk with the mermaids.
She would need their help,
to defeat the witch, and protect the castle for ever more.

The sword in the stone marked the way,
to a shell trapped in the wall.
She pressed on its swirls,
unlocking her voice to the sea.

Hendry's Beach, Santa BarbaraShe called out to the mermaids,
‘Come banish the witch!’.
‘Bring the sea mist to take her away
and entrap her in the kelp beds for eternity.’

And so the mermaids rode in on the waves,
bringing peace to the castle once more.
The Sea Princess swung on the turrets,
singing a song of triumph.

The castle of pebbles and shells,
stood safe and strong,
a look-out over the ocean deep,
a place where anything was possible.

© Sarah Lee, 6 November, 2013

(Written with the wonderful help of my 3 year daughter’s imagination)

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