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This week’s theme on the wonderful ‘Photo Gallery’ at Sticky Fingers blog is ‘Pets’. We’re away from our home in New Zealand and not able to keep pets right now, but there’s some cute little geckos here in Santa Barbara that are very entertaining…


And there’s a whole new birdlife to get to know, which our Miss 7 has been trying to identify.


Our little Miss 3 is delighting in all nature and enjoyed a lovely visit to the Ty Warner Sea Center, reminiscent of our visits to the lovely Marine Education Centre, in Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

Recently Updated303

Whilst Miss 10 is fascinated by snakes and has been enjoying the range on display at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

So, whilst we are away from home we shall simply have to enjoy nature – in all shapes and forms – as ‘our pets’!


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


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