Stepping out the door for the last time

There was the smell of spring in the air,
when I stepped out the door to feed the cat,
even though it’s the last month of winter.


Birds were singing with the vigour of mating,
my bare feet didn’t curl back on themselves,
wishing for shoes before stepping out.

I consciously inhaled the fresh air,
in my green oasis of Punga ferns,
tinged with sea salt from the Cook Strait.


There is nothing like an imminent
departure to heighten the senses.

One more sleep.

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  1. LOVE the poem
    my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family xoxo
    what time do you fly out tomorrow?
    I will be thinking and praying for you even more right then

      1. quite a big trip ahead of you
        at least youll all be together
        gonna miss you girl

        please make sure you blog, FB or twitter
        then it wont be so bad for the rest of us

        all my love xoxox

  2. Oh gee I could cry!!!!!!!! Thinking of you a lot this week….. I love you!!!! Never met you but I love your creative expression & devoted recording & abundant living xxoo my heart aches for nz, home, for family, for certainty.. Yet I too live in the moment, where God has planted me.. Go well hunni!!!!!!

  3. You’ll be fine – far to stressed for tears!! Don’t look back keep looking forwards. Good luck for tomorrow, can’t wait to see the new house xx

  4. Thinking about you and yours a great deal as you pass through all those ‘last times’. Chin up there are adventures ahead, and I’m certain the Koru will bring you home after a time. Vix x

  5. You know we’re thinking of you and wishing you on. Just keep taking one step at a time as calmly and steadily as you can and your three minxes will follow. But for the distance we couldn’t be closer if you know what we mean. Luv xxx

    1. Thanks folks, lovely words for my ears and we are amazingly calm and organised – reckon we’ll have little bumps ahead – but if the children continue to cope as well as they are, then we shall be fine xx

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  6. I was trying to decide whether to group this new blog under “Kiwi” or “International” in my feedly. I’ve put it under both. All the best for the new adventures, and make sure you come back someday.

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